Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Over

Literally.. I finished the Twilight series. I must admit I am a bit sad. hehe I want more of the future story. I am glad it ended well. At least how I wanted it to end. Now I want to see the movie. But I am sure my husband will be glad to have me back. Not so preoccupied. Any other good books I should start reading???

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I just want to say sorry to anyone who has tried to contact me this last week. Yes I have become the next victim of the Twilight series. Ugg... I thought, oh what is all the fuss about. So I decided to read Twilight to see. And I am hooked. My poor family, so neglected. hehe I guess I am just a sap for the romance. Now before you go make any comments, be very careful. I am only at the end of the 3rd book and I am rooting for Edward. I swear I will burn these books if they are not tegether at the end. K do you see how crazy I am right now. Wanting the vampire to win. hehe Of course the other option is a warewolf. What am I reading.... ;) So don't go giving anything away. I just need someone to tell me I am not crazy for being obsessed. I will let you know if I have any books to give back in a couple days. If it takes me that long.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bounce Mania

While I was gone in CA last week, Micah went shopping. ;) We were chatting online and he told me that he bought the boys something for $100 dollars but would not tell me what. Oh the things that were going through my head. Never did the Bounce Mania appear in my thoughts. hehe So finally he texted me a pic. And if you notice, it is right in the middle of our living room. Made me snicker. hehe But I don't mind. The boys are enjoying it. Of course it only is up for about 30 min. That is as long as it keeps their attention. Then I get to deflate it and roll it up. Fun for me. ;) But it turns out that Grandpa liked it so much that he wanted it to be an early birthday present from him. So now I can blame the fun times on Grandpa. hehe

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Apple Annie's Orchard

For Labor Day this year we decided to go to the Apple Orchard in Wilcox. We had all you can eat pancakes with apple cyder syrup. Yummy. Then we jumped on the tractor ride and picked some apples. The boys had fun waking in the orchard and picking apples. Grandpa came with us as well. Tonight we are going to make a home made apple pie. If I remember, I will take pics and blog it tomorrow. Here are some pics of the day.