Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big Boy Beds

Yippee!! The beds have arrived. I can't believe my babies are in big boy beds. It is hard to believe they are 2 1/2 years old. Boy, how time flies. The beds are beautiful. Well I think they are anyway. Here are some pics, you can decide for yourselves. ;) Just don't mind the blanket covering the window and the lake of comforters. The blanket is to try and get the boys to sleep in longer in the morning. That doesn't work. And have you looked at how much a quilt or comforter is for a twin bed lately. Wow!! So we will wait until winter when they will need one. ;)

Now that we have two twin beds in the room, it has gotten a whole lot smaller. Can't even get into the closet without climbing on the bed first. Oh well, they look good. ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lots of Stuff

Wow a lot has happened since my last blog. My home town almost burned down, Micah & I went to South Carolina, we bought the boys "big boy" beds, and sold the cribs. So grab a snack and a pillow, this will be a long blog. ;)
What shall we start with...

Well the fire in Paradise CA, my home town. See my sister's blog "The Dowds" to see some pics. There was an evacuation ordered for some of Paradise, my Sis-In-Law being one of them. The town was closed to everyone trying to get in, so my mom was trapped on the outside. But all seems well today. Everyone is back at home. All my family has there homes and the fire is 80% contained. But is was a bit scary for a time.


Micah won an award at work for being a great manager. His employees nominated him and he was one of 100 winners out of 400 nominations. Great Job Deary!!!! He is a great manager and employee. IBM doesn't know what they have. I am great full for having a husband who is such a hard worker, honest, and fair. He is great. Of course I wish I saw him more, but all is well. ;) Anyway, back to the trip. So for his award they flew us out to Charleston SC and treated us great. Better then great. I know now how the rich live. Well almost. hehe We stayed in a 5 star hotel. We were on the exec level so we had an open bar the whole day. Of course I only got water and lemonade. hehe But they also had food through out the day. These were the stairs going up to the lounge.
Our room was to the right of the stairs. There was turn down service at night. Each night there was a gift from IBM on our bed. They treated us to nice dinners. The second night the bussed us out to a plantation about 20 min from our hotel. It was by police escort. Yeah that is what I said. It was pretty awesome. One police car was in front of the 4 buses. One was in back and one would fly past us and stop traffic so we could all go through the red lights. Yes and all with lights and sirens going. We felt pretty special. But I now know that when I see a police escort, it is probably no one important. hehe Here are a couple pics of the plantation. It was beautiful.
We also went on a carriage ride and toured the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier and went to Fort Sumter. All was arranged by IBM so we just showed up and were told what to do. It was wonderful. Here are a couple other pics of Charleston.

There will be more pics to come at the end of the month. Needless to say, I fell in love with Charleston. The people were friendly, the old southern houses were beautiful and the trees were green. ;) So if I ever get a couple million dollars and can buy me a house in downtown Charleston I would move. Well an of course I would have to live through the humility. Oh it was hot and sticky. But still loved it. So if anyone has the chance to to, do it.

And Finally...

We bought the boys new beds. Of course they do not get delivered until Wed, so pics to come. But we bought new mattress and had to drive them across town strapped to the top of our van. Yes that is what I said. On the top of our van. I have become one of those people I laugh at as I drive by them. Here is a pic to prove it.
You notice it is dark. hehe I wouldn't do this in the day light. But we made it home with no problems. The next day I posted the cribs on Craigslist. They were sold with in an hour. hehe When they came to pick them up, I was not home, but Micah said that they boys just stood quietly as they took them apart and put them in the car. As soon as they drove away, Brayden started crying and said "my bed, my bed." Poor baby, he thought we sold his bed right out from under him. Well technically we did. hehe So now they are on there mattresses on the floor awaiting there new beds.

Well that is all the excitement in our home for now. I hope you stuck with this long blog and will make some wonderful comments. hehe

Monday, June 2, 2008


Below is a link with more of our vacation pics and videos. Hope you enjoy them. Please leave lots of comments about them. ;) I love comments.