Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Addison Kalaye Robison

It has been a week now since Addison came into the world. And to think I still would be prego if all still was going as planned. Well the Doc's plan anyway. I had plans of my own. hehe Not really. I woke up on the 21st with a lot of pain in my belly. After two hours of pain and throwing up I decided to call the doc. She said go in and get checked. I thought it was just gas and I would still be prego. When I got there, I was running a temp and that did it. We checked in at 9am and Addison was here at 9:53am. Of course Micah didn't think anything was going to happen so he didn't feel it was necessary to bring my hospital bag and the camera. So our first pic of Addison is on his phone. ;)

Addison Kalaye
July 21, 2009
9lbs 1oz

She is beautiful. She is a great baby. Sleeps a lot. The first words out of the doctors mouth were, "She is a chunky baby!" and she is. All the nurses said the same thing when they saw her. And remember she was 9 lbs at 37 wks. Can't imagine what she would have been if I had her on the 31st. hehe Of course I am already dressing her up. Well, when I feel up to it. ;)

We are both home and doing fine. I am sure there will be more pics to come. When I can move around a bit better. ;)