Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Good Day

What is that I hear? ... Nothing!! Logan and Brayden started preschool today. Yeah for me, I mean them. :) It is just two days a week for 3 hours, but that is a blessing for me. I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in some me time with Micah being the Bishop and being gone. So this is an answer to my prayers. It will keep me sane. And it will be great for the boys. We got them new backpacks, which they wore around all day Saturday. I think they are going to have fun.Today is also Addison's one months B-day. Can you believe it, I can't. Time just keeps ticking by. Wow. Addison has been a great baby. She sleeps most of the time. Nights have been good. I don't feel too sleep deprived. Micah has been great and has helped with the 10:30pm feedings so I can get to bed a bit early. As of two weeks ago, she is back up to her birth weight of 9lbs 1oz. And she has grown an inch. She is beautiful and I just love her!!!

I am so glad and lucky that the boys love her also. Logan always wants to hold her and feed her and kiss her and touch her. Brayden gives her a kiss then runs and plays. Not as interested but still loves her.

I always see cute pics of kid's and baby's feet, so here is my sad attempt. ;)