Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday and stuff

I figured I better get a post up about the boys' birthday before Christmas comes. ;) I can't believe they are four!! The time has flown by. They are such wonderful boy, and great brothers to each other and to Addison. They are such great helpers. I love them so much.

The first pic is their birthday cake that I made for them.

After preschool we took the boys to Chuck e Cheese for the first time. That had a fun time. We were there for almost 3 hours. There friend Emmy and family came with us. I think the dads had more fun then the kids playing the games. ;)

At preschool I got to go and spotlight the boys. Everyone enjoyed seeing their baby pics and I also read them a Thomas the Train story.

This last week we made this gingerbread train with the boys. It was a kit of course. :) The boys decorated the train. They had fun licking the candy then putting it on the train.

Addison also turned 4 months last month. This is a pic of her Christmas present. Yes she already opened it. ;) Can you tell she likes it. hehe What a face!!!

She is growing so much. She rolls from her back to her stomach. Of course she hates being on her stomach but can't roll back. She smalls a lot and we can get her to laugh sometimes. She is beautiful. I just love my kids. I am so blessed to have them all. Here are a couple videos.