Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a few things....

A picture of me at 33 weeks. It is a bit far away, but you take what you can get when your 3 year old is taking the picture. ;) Still getting bigger. I suppose that is a good thing. hehe 5.2 wks until the big day. Or maybe a bit sooner if I pray really hard.

Jana and Amanda gave me a baby shower last week. I had a great time. What more do you need then food, friends, and presents!! ;) Thanks so much to all those who helped and attended. I received some cute cloths and other items. Now it is starting to feel a bit more real that there is a baby girl coming. ;)

I apologize if these next pictures gross you out, but I am still trying to prove the point that I am huge!! ;) I will never give up. The top pic is of me prego with the boys at 34 wks. The bottom one is of me prego with Addison at 33wks. You be the judge. I just don't understand how one baby can make your belly just as big as two babies. But who knows. I guess that is just the way it is. I do have front shots of my bellies, but they are a little more disturbing and I didn't want anyone to vomit. ;)

And finally a couple pics of my beautiful boys. I have been bloging so much about me lately, I thought I would give them a little air time. They are getting so big and handsome. They are going to be great big brothers. Love Them!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bishop Who???

So for those of you who don't know or haven't heard.... Our ward got a new bishop this last week. 3 guesses who it is..(which you all should guess since I am blogging it :) Yes you are correct. Micah, I mean Bishop Robison. hehe I snicker every time I say that. This is a new and exciting opportunity for Micah, AKA Bishop, to learn and grow spiritually, as I learn and grown in patience. ;) I know he will do great as the new bishop. He is a wonderful man and I am excited for all to see just how great he is through his service. But please, pray for us. hehe

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Oh did I have a day yesterday. Let me tell you about it. It started out well. My friend Marcie helped me hem Micah's scout pants and with that I was don't with my last YW project. Yippee I will be getting my YW Recognition Award (adult version ;) this Sunday. So I was happy. I put the boys down for a nap, also a high light of my day. hehe

As I was leaving there room, I thought if felt a bit warm. Oh it must just be me. So I layed down to read and yes it was warm. So I went to look at the termistat. 82 degress...... OH NO, something is wrong with my AC. This can't be happening. 7 mths prego, 100 degress outside, and no AC. I called Micah and went to check outside. It wasn't running so he said to check the circut box. It looked like it had tripped so he told me to turn it off then back on. (Notice I am blaming this on Micah hehe). As soon as I turned it back on, the phone went dead and my neighbor's AC stopped. No I didn't cause that right, wrong....

Our house and 4 of our neighboors houses lost power. How long you ask, 7 hours!!!!!!!!! Of course there was a bigger outage in Vail, so they took priority. So when they finally showed up at 9:30pm it took them all of 10 minutes to restore power. That is good you say, yes except our AC still didn't work. So we called the AC man. But at least I had a fan. ;)

He was not thrilled to come out at 10pm but he came. So at 11pm we had power and AC again. I was able to slept happily. But that is not all. Durning this time, my cell phone went dead, so I had no way to comunicate with anyone. Micah had a Stk YW meeting so he was gone from 7pm - 9pm. I broke down in tears twice. (hormones hehe) And when we got in the van to come home after eating at Carl's JR (and loitering for as long as we could in their AC) the car was having a hard time starting. Yes the battery was going dead.

So this morning I went and replaced the battery. So that was my day yesterday. But after all that, I survived. And I am even more greatful for my AC!!!!