Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Morning

We also did a small Easter egg hunt in our back yard before church, hence the pjs. My boys are so cute!!! ;)

Easter Egg Run

This is the first year that we have done the whole Easter egg thing with the boys. Our local park did an Easter egg hunt for everyone on Saturday, so we decided to go. We soon decided that is was more of an Easter Egg Run. You see, in AZ there are not many places to hide eggs in the park that will know poke you in some way. So as you can see from the pic, they used caution tape to rope off an area and scattered eggs around for the kids to run and pick up. hehe Funny for the adults but the boys loved it. We led them by the hand to the first egg, and then they would have no part of us. They knew what they were doing and off they went.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Nap Time

So the chaos in my home right now is trying to get my boys to take there nap. Now that they get out the their cribs, they don't think they have to nap any long. Or even stay in there bed for that matter. ugg. So I thought I would share this video of what I found after they had been in there room "napping". I hope you feel my pain. ;)

OK, I Gave in to Peer Presure

Well, since everyone is doing it, I figured I would join in. ;0) I have no idea how to blog, so it may take awhile before it looks as nice as all of yours. I must say that after looking and reading everyone's blog, I am a bit excited to start my own. So keep checking back for more.